Friends for life.

Written by: carl dunford

  Of course I love my wife,
  but there is  some thing,
 she can't see, what you mean,
  to me.
  I feel like I have known you before,
  in another life I'm sure.
  You can even read my mind,
 know what I want to say,
  you know Iam thinking of you today.
 I would help you in times of trouble,
one call and I will be there, on the double.
We used to chat away ,"five hours" 
 I  hear you say.
We talked about this, and that,
yes we did laugh.
we went  to Paris, and Rome.
all on our own.
I hope when the time,
is right, we can continue ,
you and me. 
Our world is only a click away,
Lets go on a journey, 
what do you say?.