Please Come Back

Written by: ridge mayberry

You were so fine, And I thought you were mine, But I guess I was wrong Because your note said so long Why? Why did you have to say good-bye? I now live in regret And you can bet I’ll be thinking of you, Will you think of me, too? I should have been there To show you that I care. Now I can’t go back, I’ve run out of slack, And I’ve myself to blame. Things will never be the same Without you. Tell me it’s not true, Tell me I misunderstood, Tell me you’ve not left me for good. No, I cannot let you go. Your friends say you love me, So why can’t you see, I can’t live without you. I love you tender and I love you true. I fall asleep, But my sleep’s not deep, Morning and night you fill my sight. I see you everywhere I look, Watching a movie or reading a book. I hope it’s not too late To look for you and set things straight. You’ve been on my mind, Since the day you left me behind. Please don’t go, Come back to me my sweet, sweet doe, Because I love you, And you leaving has left me blue. Please forgive me, I beg for another chance, you see. I’m down on my knees, Come listen to my pleas. I promise to be true. I beg you, Come back to me, For you see, I know what you did wrong And that’s why I sing this song Of love and heartbreak. So, for the sake Of love my doe, Do not go. Stay here in my arm Where I’ll keep you safe from home