Written by: Robyn Blauw

The cornered animal lingers
She’s deep within her cave
Her hide and spirit broken
By hunters out to slay

A once proud and free animal
Now cringes here in fright
She has no fight left in her
And howls throughout the night

Her hide is all in tatters
Her spirit no more free
The hunters close in round her
Her instinct is to flee

She feels them move in closer
She doesn’t want to die
The nerves within her shaken
Her heart still full of pride

She’s hurting and confined there
The blood oozing from her wounds
There ‘s no help at all round her
She knows the threatened doom

The hunters move in closer
She won’t die by their hands
She sees some light between them
And runs for all she can

She reaches out the cave now
She’s hurt and beaten through
The blood is running freely
The hunters in pursuit

She knows the end is near then
She has just no more strength
Ahead she sees a cliff face
Her chance this life to end

It takes her all she’s got left
She runs towards the cliffs
She takes a flying leap there
And finally feels she’s free

The hunters reach the cliff edge
And still they throw their spears
She feels one rip into her
They couldn’t let her be!!

Her body in a heap now
Below on rocks and stones
It’s broken up and battered
No life, no love, alone

The Spirit of that body
Now rises from those bones
It sets off to the sunset
To find another home

What of the body left there
What is it all about
The hurts and pain it suffered
Left it only one way out.