Stubborn man

Written by: Luminita Stoica

As if a breeze of goodness
Blew over your head,
Filled with thoughtfulness,
Far from what you dread, 
You open your eyes and see 
What you think lies ahead. 

You’re wrong…although denial 
Is the very first reaction
If you choose to be vial.
You won’t have satisfaction,
Your life is a death-limited trial
And you won’t find any compassion. 

Acceptance is a way for others,
You know  for you it’s not.
You think you’re full of powers,
By lucky streaks you’re sought…
Then you’re in for some cold showers
And the reminder that you fought. 

It isn’t a conspiracy, 
It’s not even a joke. 
With sudden found accuracy
The prediction is a hope stroke,
Because life is interdependency
And you have to take the reality poke. 

You can’t know it all,
You can’t have your way,
You can’t avoid to fall,
You can’t sin and pray,
You only have a goal.