Written by: Rasheal Timm

Why did you leave me?,
When I was in need,
I was your seed,
Why did you leave?,
You have caused so much pain,
It is you that I hate,
For not wanting to stay,
What good would I do you?,
You do not understand what I have been through,
I can not ease your stormy weather,
I think this will be better,
Years have passed by,
My tear ducts have dried,
I understand some how,
It took me until now,
You were my best friend,
I thought it would never end,
Even after so much pain,
It is really not you that I hate,
I just did not understand,
Why I had to lose my friend,
Now I stand before you,
Just to tell you I forgive you. 
		By, Rasheal L. Timm