A Cry out for "Ma"Ma

Written by: Cathy Holmes

I cry out for all the Mother's in the world that are not being treated right, 
I know how lonely and painful it is not to feel loved.
When you have brought a child into this world and they can't find the time to call 
and say I love you. 
Mother's don't ask for much you "see" they just want to hear a voice, receive
a card that they keep forever and a memory they can hold on to.
I think a Mother deserves much more than that, "but" if you can't do anything else 
make sure you show her love.

A cry out for "Ma "Ma

Remember if you are not showing her anything now, when she is gone you might
Cry out for "Ma "Ma but it will be to late, it's hard to show someone something 
when they are not around.