Written by: Jodie Steward

Tonite is to last forever
I'm wearing my glamous dress,
My special man in his tux
To nobody are we trying to impress.

As our driver picks us up
We pull up to our high school,
Standing in line nervously
Shiver in the air so cool.

Colorful strob lights flashing
Right inside is a camera guy,
Booth all set up neatly
Taking photos as people walk by.

There's tables of drinks and food
Couples slowing dancing there,
We found some of our friend's
They are telling us to pull up a chair.

The music plays for hour's
But then it and all must end,
For after one last slow dance
A journey home we shall begin.

It was a night to remember
As your holding each other tight,
Softly kis in pure happiness
Never to forget this prom night.