Written by: Jodie Steward

The school year is now ending
Soon it will be graduation day,
Oh how scarey the world seems
What final word's to friends will we say.

No more spongeing off parents
Its out to work we will soon go,
Throw in the hours for college
Little spare time we all know.

Buying our own food
Filling up the tank with gas,
Watching how much we travel
For now a tank must last.

Some will have to grow up fast
Other's may remain a child,
Perhap's move to a new state
Or stay around here for awhile.

No matter what one decides
It will be a change for us all,
We'll have some serious choices
Do our best otherwise we will fall.

Today we celebrate our honor
For our entire graduating class,
May we all get what we want
Have a happy adulthood that lasts.