Portrait in Color of Illusion

Written by: michelle farala

Amid my heaven, I bathe in bale.
I boat in water, I sink in ocean.
To feign hard like a stone,
Yet feeble like a cotton.
Murmuring of wind that pass,
Thy bring falling leaves in dust.
I strengthen an arc to become bridge in life,
In the middle I fall in high.
What is the cure to spare my life,
And to heal the pain I had?
It be insane think I have,
When come the sincerest love.
Truth cannot hide; you're near yet so far,
Because I'm totally blind in wall behind.
Now I'm paramour in your land,
No one can tell if I'm the one who destruct
the castle in the sand.
Who will said, the portrait that urge me in
hardship was only part in color of my illusion.