Don't You See?

Written by: Orma Sullivan

It's not that I don't cry for friends,
      lost and found.
It's that, I'm never truly upset
     about being alone.
Solitude embraces me with the soul's
     sweet, nectar-touch--
Like the taste of succulent peaches
     at summer's ripe end--
A taste of love's own accord,
     own condition.

Friendship-space has never
     filled my bowl.
Quietude, in waiting, reveals to me
     a thousand ways of seeing
     the mother of love.
While sleeping, waking, walking,
     I eat from love's plate,
     a never ending banquet,
To which everyone's already invited.

I shall not stand in your way,
But, do not wait for my invitation.
It's not necessary.
Don't you see?