Written by: Earlie Waller

As most of us may know...
Friends come and friends go.
Friends are not fake,
So therefore, they let their feelings show. 

A friend is someone you can depend on, someone tremendous.
A friend should be delightful, and never horrendous.
However, with friends your bound to encounter hardships.
But for better, NEVER worse they build stronger friendships. 

A friend is not just a buddy, but more so a confidant.
A friend should be a spirit lifter, and avoid expressing daunt. 
A friend should be spiritual, similar to a religion, 
They should not be someone you distrust, but more so you believe in.

A friend is like love may not occur at first site, 
But with maintaining a friendship you may have to make your diffences alike. 
Having a single friend is just a good as having a vast,
However, thats not the goal, the goal is making what you have last. 

So if you ever have a true friend...
and both ends begin to slip. 
take initiative to this poem and build a stronger friendship.