Drowning the Ego

Written by: Lindsay Laurie

I’ve been writing for some time, and I’ve put these words to rhyme,
in some verses either humerous or true.
Now I think that time has come, to get ‘meself’ up of my bum
and tell the world about my point of view.

I stood outside the hotel door, my chanting stole the floor
by reading poems to people on the street  
and some would stop and chat, some threw money in my hat
one fellow said, “that poem’s a marvelous treat”.

So I asked this kindly gent, just exactly what he meant 
and his next comment made me proud and spurred
He took five dollars out, and then said “Without a doubt,  
That was the greatest poem I’ve ever heard”.

Well I hope he couldn’t tell, that my head began to swell
from his comments he had handed on a plate.  
And when he turned away to walk, I said “Hang on, I want to talk
To you about what makes my verse so great”.

But before he spoke a word, I already had concurred
He must have loved the meter and the flow
He said he couldn’t doubt it, as I rambled on about it,
But in reality, he said he didn’t know.

Well could it be the timing, or just the perfect rhyming
with structured syllables all in a row
Did my story take it’s toll, by embedding in his soul 
With a blank stare on his face, he said no.

Well he had me at a loss, I just couldn’t find the gloss
In this critical acclaim he had concurred
So I asked him what is great, and he replied, “Well mate
That is the only poem I’ve ever heard”.