Written by: Margaret Okubo

Dear Jesus, my Lord and king
Show me what you want of me
Tell me what I can do for you
I hear your whisper but my hands are tied.

Each day I feel your gentle touch
And hear you calling me
But at a loss I am dear friend
For I cannot understand.

The answer dear child is simple
I never give you more than you can bear
Just testify to all
The things I do for you each day.

What’s simple in your eyes sweet  Jesus
Seems  too big a job you impart  
Now you throw me into confusion
For I don’t know where to start.

Just take a pen and paper
And jot them one by one
Let my Holy Spirit guide you
Until your list is done.

Thank you dear Jesus
I am all set to give it a try
But please speak  very slowly
So  that I may get it right.