For Paul

Written by: Melissa Gregg

And you came to me on Easter
Like an angel sent from God
I didn’t see you, didn’t hold you
Procedure, nothing odd

I cried for you, I longed for you
To never know who I was
My giving you up, doing what’s best
It was all for a better cause

And she came to me, in the blackness of night
Try and fail, but don’t not try at all
I agreed and held you close
Then decided to name you Paul

I cried for you, I longed for you
To know the sacrifice I’d made
We would both give up so much in life
None for which I would trade

And everyday I think of you
How your life would be without me
Do you wish for more, wish for less
Hope to one of her three

I have tried so hard to protect you
From all of life’s broken dreams
But did you know on that glorious day
You saved my life, it seems

And I want to, need to tell you now 
Before it gets too late
You are my saving grace from God
Nothing short of fate