I Blame You

Written by: Melissa Gregg

Remember when you told me to blame you
Well, I did and it didn’t help
As a matter of fact, it hurt even more
Knowing you agree with what I’ve felt all along

You were never there for me
And when you were, you really weren’t
So many times you could have been
Should have been, but you weren’t

What was so important?
Did the fact that I was home alone not matter to you?
I know you were young, but you made that decision
Not me. 

So I raised myself and now you want to take credit
For anything good that’s come of me
I own this part of me! It’s not yours to claim.
This is the part that grew out of need, not love

Ask me what I remember about being young
I’ll tell you the whole truth
I was hungry and scared and lonely
And lonely…

What good can come out of abandoning your child?
Take a look at me, a good hard look at me
I’m everything I NEEDED to be

Because you were never there for me