Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

My eyes are dazing, we are engaging.
My legs locked tight; Don't be polite.
Arms overhead, tied to my bed.
Heat rising high, up and down my thigh.

The gust of the wind is blowing in.
Planes soaring, timed with their roaring.
Again and again, don't let it end!!
Fountains; I'm as high as the mountains.

Pleasure; This moment to treasure.
Testing my will; Teasing me still.
Say what I want! There is no time to taunt!
You broke my silence, the wonders of science!

Stay, don't go away; I want to play, all night and day!
I know what you like so stop at the pike.
Turn around and don't slow down.
I'm packing now and we are Savannah bound!