the mind of Isabel la catolica

Written by: juana Guillen

Sub mitt meeting a Poem

Sub mid night

Sub meeting the meeting of the meet

World trade meeting

World trade submitting proposal

When the world is round can be flat

Like a dish for the Catholic Isabel

Kingdom of Spain.

Your world may be like a dish

Where you eat a word

Like a banana

Like a piece of meet.

Meet vs. bananas

WTO vs. Chiquita

If the world is not round is a case.

Spain when Isabella the catholic

Is flat is flat is flat is flat as her jewelers.

Meet meeting submitting a poem is another story.

Looks easier conquering another star;

Another planet

But I am not a perpetrator of the genocide

Committed in my own race.

Copan was a beautiful place.

I can’t see the flat world as then Spain

 When conquering a new continent

When entering the game of the players

Playing basket ball.

To me the wheel takes me very far

The bus to central station

I drive a bike where I live

The world can be as well an egg

I live in Amsterdam.

Round as a plant to be planted a gracht  a tulip

As the exhausting resources that are exploited

It is divided in small bridges has leaves

It has to be save from CO2 emissions is a flower

From more environmental disasters.

 the world.