Last Words

Written by: Jodie Steward

I'm done with looking back
Feeling quilty, resentful and sad,
No putting all the blame on you
Just cherish what we once had.

Two much alike stranger's
Bond together as friends,
Thinking only of it growing
But, never on if it end's.

Many year's different in age
Yet, each other's company we share,
Reveal so much about ourselves
No other could we ever compare.

Thought we knew each other
We got along oh so well,
But, each had skelatons in the closet
Just how was we to tell.

Now here we both stand
On the opposite side of the wall,
Seem's as if we're at the end
Never knew each other after all.

Perhaps it was pure fate,
That made us a friend,
But, its not the reason it failed
Its because of us it came to an end.