I promise to love you

Written by: Jude Chukwuemeka

I promise to love you
Because you are so precious
I will always slap
Your cheek with a kiss
And collide with you
In ethereal embrace

I promise you a basket
Of smiles
Every time I come home
I`ll save a smile for you
And carefully place it above
Everyday stress of work

I promise to feed your skin
With sweet caress
As much as much as you know
That I`ll never stop 
Feeding you with too many
Accolades and romantic expressions
Like I always do

I promise to give you myself
You can have all of me
From my hair to my feet
But please don`t treat me
Like your housekeeper
Or kick me off
Like your old pair of sandals
Nor put me inside your handbag

I promise you all the good
A husband can do to his wife
The A to Z of marital bliss
And I hope that you
Would always keep me
Close to your heart
Not where you will keep
This poem.