The hand that gave me Poetry

Written by: Motloang Matabane

I colored my reality with fallacies and stained my skies with lies
The darker shades of pain resembled a subtle but comforting sound of dirt 
landing on this coffin as I tried to burry myself
As I tried to hide what I had become
Every brick of lies that you told that I believed reinforced the walls of insecurities 
around me
It was hard to breath
The warm colors hope faded into distant memories of summer rains
Engraving my name into the empty space half way between here and infinity
You reached into the abyss and shone a light into my darkness
And from within me silver and gold were reflected back
So with this ink and paper I can rewrite the pages of my history 
So with this ink and paper I can reroute the path to my destiny
Walk me along those lines
Along the lines of a beautifully written poem
One whose similes resound with divinity that the moon and the sun are made of 
the same substance
One whose rhythm makes mind, body and soul move to this heart beat
One whose imagery is only matched by the supremacy of my minds eye
One whose depth was so deep that not even you could get it
One whose influence rides alongside the wings of intoxication, seeps into the 
crevices of the mind and changes you
Walk me along these lines

Inspiring hand that gave me poetry, touch me again.