Don't Rush

Written by: Eric Morthan

if i lie, i lie away from here
if i die, i'll walk pass this wall
the wall shows me i was clear
i do not rush in love
i do not wish to fall.

if i say, i say with meanings
if i tell, i tell you the truth
the truth holds my misery
my reason for the wait
to wait a little longer for you

so i do not rush under the night sky
kiss me if you want but don't get high

take your hands off me but feel my cheeks
i'll let you see deep into my eyes
until we'll fall asleep

and i do not rush in the sunset
if you just hold my hand, then i'll be glad.

i just don't want to stay alone in here.
because if i die, i'll see this wall.
this wall showed i was clear.

so i do not rush now.
i'll just lie .. here.