Written by: Angelie Acapuyan

It's been a while since you left me here
In a place where I anticipated all my tears
While you're leaving me depleted and wet with the rain,
And watching your every step away from me is such a pain

Lives have changed and felt them pass me by
But I'm still here waiting for you to come back and not to say goodbye,
Hoping that you've realized that you left me, who loved you for a while,
But it's now long enough to assure for a smile

I'm now drifting away from the place where you left me alone
Because my heart is tired of trying on,
But I'm lost and innocent where to lead my alley,
So please find and save me from my uncertainty

But unless I'm still staring at the setting of the sun,
I will forever know that the pain is not yet gone
But I have to live a life till I come undone
So I can wait for you like there's no other one