Grandma's Bathroom

Written by: lana evans

Fragile paper, white and quite a shaper rolled into a round
On a rod of plastic, tumbled gently draping to no abound
In the toilet room; a violet bloomed where stray peddles were found
Upon the windowsill the sunny feel was warm and peddles browned

Grandma's bathroom, powder, perfume, and a glass for stray old dentures
Was softly messy, cluttered, prissy, and layered with eye-squenchers
Such as brassiers hooked on brass spearhead hooks and dental cushions too
And a girdle. Yet, handpicked myrtle and blue rugs brought my ease through 

The shower curtian caught the spurtin' water from the showerhead
In the tub a scrubber club with soft bristles hung tween silver knobs
In the thick steam the echos carried as I showered before bed
Sometimes the streams would mist the tissue then it would come off in globs