The First Love Letter

Written by: Ahmed Rashwan

When I saw you, I knew it was love from first sight
I'm not afraid, I'll say and scream it with all my might

You were pretty, you were beautiful, you were perfect
Everyday that passed, I wanted out souls to intersect

I loved you, before even knowing your name
You woke my heart up, that I had kept so tame

Your hair that flowed like a river behind your ears
And your smile that takes away my fears

Your eyes that magically put me in a charm
I wished you simply wrap around me with your arms

Your movement like music in the air
Stops time, as I stand and stare

Every my love grew stronger and stronger
I am not sure if I can take it much longer

Now I think about you day and night
And a million emotions I have to fight

I hope one day you will understand
That my only wish is to walk hand in hand

Oh! Your touch that heals my wounds
Oh! The hopes of seeing you soon