Daily Thoughts of a Broken Heart

Written by: Ahmed Rashwan

Awkward moments fill the air; 
they trouble me when I sleep.

Behold the wonders of the great, 
killers and murderers of all kind.

Catch them we will the officer says, 
but forget them we will and go on.

Dying are all the people around you, 
sooner or later it will be your turn.

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, oh that’s all so great, 
blood and violence tastes so sweet.

Fetch the demon in your dreams, 
or forever he will haunt you.

Glitter and fame, they are all that, 
they’ll pay with their life to witness.

Hate and misery powerfully rule, 
the people of this town.

Insomnia will keep you awake, 
yes; your past will haunt you.

Janitors of the rich and famous, 
get a little tap on the back.

Killing love all around the world, 
leaders now feel safe.

Let me lie here hopeless, 
I’ve lost all energy to fight.

Martyrs of our time are heroes, 
but count them on my fingers I can.

Night and day shiver cold, 
the sun has run away.

Oceans and seas have dried up, 
but our tears will replace.
Power sought by the entire world, 
the same thing that will destroy them.

Questions raised that have no answer, 
how sweet is confusion…

Rest my friend, it will be better soon, 
as soon as we are all dead.

Sanity has forever disappeared, 
along with thinking minds.

Tragedy of all kinds; 
the deaths and betrayals.

Undo all your mistakes?
Now it is too late.

Venomous poison in our drinks, 
to brainwash our innocence.

Warriors die for the wrong causes; 
it is all but a silly waste.

Xenophobia of all races, 
we will kill, kill, and kill.

Yowl out your sorrow, 
it is all you can do.

Zigzag thoughts run through my head, 
as wars come and go.