The love of prayers

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

I feel the prayers by others sent my way
A flood of warmth covers me, like oil flowing down
My spirit dances and feels refreshed

The prayer of others is so precious to me
I pray also for them, that they feel as I do
Letting the flood of God’s healing balm and love cover them

We grow in strength with these prayers
As our body, mind and spirits are strengthened
The Holy Spirit leads us in our new day’s work

This warm oil bathing my soul is what I wait and long for
Let those prayers never stop coming my way
As I am in great need of the prayers of others

They keep me safe, straight in my walk
I am weak without the love of my friends
Defenseless without their prayers and covering

I feel loved and warm, wrapped in comfort
Strength and wisdom come flooding in
As to what my Lord wants of me today

Feel the arms of my Lord wrapped around
His loving kiss upon my forehead
The gentle push to start my journey for the day