13 Years

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

It’s been 13 years since the day we met,
13 years since the fire was set.
13 years of love and pain,
13 years which only to gain.

There’s been beauty and sharing, growing and romance, 
We’ve had babies and homes, embraced in life’s dance.

And through it all, the up’s and downs,
we stick it out, we hang around.
13 years of never knowing,
where our lives are ever going.

The love just grows each day we live,
13 years of love to give.
But now I know what I couldn’t then,
my heart can keep giving there is no end.

So as far as I can see in my life,
I want to have you by my side.
Forever sounds good to me,
13 is just a start you see.
So lets take it all the way I say,
I’ll be in heaven, lighting your way.