Written by: Jon B. Rangel

Although miles apart, I am with you,
even on the day's you feel blue.
I think about you every day,
circumstances, stress, and loneliness cannot make me stray.
It's been 9 years and I don't regret anything I've learned,
cause you're so willing to give love in return.
We've had our times of tribulation and I see them as an experience,
the strength of our love can only be evidence.
A beautiful loving daughter we've created with an innocence unsurpassed,
her potential in life and everyone she encounters is so vast.

For she cannot be seen as anything else but a blessing......

All the places we've been and all we've ever done, I will never forget,
willing to break myself for you through tears, blood and sweat.
The day's to come I can foresee,
having an unbreakable bond, just you and me.
To live out our day's conquering every obstacle we face,
not living in fear, finding strength with each embrace.
I pray that the only thing that will separate us will be death,
from hence fourth my life will be for you until my last breath.

I love you so,,,, so much it makes me insane,
your mind, your heart, all that you are I wish to retain.

For it makes me who I am and what I do,
it's our anniversary my dear and this one is for you!