My Son

Written by: Norman Purvis

What I want.

To print a book, which will guide youngsters and help them to live a good life.

I have written about 100 poems dedicated to this end.

Written in  an easily understood way.

Suitable for children.

No double reading to understand. or recourse to a dictionary.

I hope that these poems will develop a love of reading, and

answer many questions they have.

The main publishing companies will co operate if I pay about 1000 pounds.

Which I am unable to do.

I require no royalties or reward for this, except the satisfaction

Of knowing that I am helping them with the many problems

that come their way.

Please help me to produce this book.

If you know of any printer who would print these poems.


I am looking for a cheap paperback with illustrations.

Available to every child.

Your child must have this book.

Norman Purvis.


A Son of Mine.

You are my Son.
Hope of the human race.
I see myself, in your face.
Soon I will be gone.
Your turn will come.
Which way to go.
To live the life of an Englishman. 

In this book I have tried to say.
All. To help you on the way.
The life you lead.
Is in your hands.
Choose with care.
All you share. 

Have pride in what you do.
Make it the best.
Make it true.
Your name renowned through and through. 

To others give your aid.
Help and charity, not to fade.
Look for ways to help the down.
Lift them up.
Without a frown. 

Norman Purvis..................