Because of Love

Written by: Ellioza Nacionales

My little girl is crying today 
Telling me "Mama,Papa hurt me 
Pointing the thing between her thigh 
"After he give me a candy" 
But all I can do is to cry and hug her 
After hearing her agony 
For the reason I love her dad 

My little girl is now a woman 
But there she is still crying 
While telling me again and again 
"He touch me again Mama" 
"And will keep on touching me" 
As her mother,I should protect her 
But I fail for the reason I still love her dad 

My little girl is now a mother 
And she is still crying 
But this time with a smile and pride 
While telling me this words 
"He can touch me as often as he want" 
"But he can never touch my child" 
Then a sound of a riffle that kill my love.