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Metaphoric Experience

There's this game I've been 

And it's taught me stuff

I've not had it long

But I've played enough to know

If I don’t turn back now

It's going to be rough

I'm looking for some luck cos' I 
feel real stuck

The first few levels

Were easy to complete

They make the deep end look 
like a couple of feet

But as the game progressed

It picked up the heat

Now the Mother-****ing 
shallow end looks deep.

The Story-Line was mind 
blowing at the start

Slowly I climbed up , Part by 

Progressing, Tired, Game saved 
in the book

The All nighters took - I'm hooked

When I'm playing, I feel 
Skillfully Brilliant

Like a militant, untouchable, 
full of resilience

I got the skills to pay the bills

All my debts considered repaid

Until what goes up must come 

One by One people Fade

If you understand the 
metaphoric game that I played 

Then you understand the steps 
I had to take 

After two years feeling high I 
finally found 

This isn't life it's time to come 



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  1. Date: 4/17/2014 8:33:00 PM

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