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Shapes Of Meaning

I remember looking in the clouds--
I saw you there, and God, a ship and sails,
And all of life was drifting on the deep
Blue sea, or sky, or eyes, or what-have-you.
I watched as heaven floated past,
And I? I stayed here on the ground. 

Some days, I feel as though I'm ground
To dust, scattered in brown or crimson clouds;
And do I wait, until the winds have passed?
No, whiskey's made for drink, and wind for sails--
I learned both from God's whispers, and you,
Who showed me that, when drinking, to drink deep. 

Look above, and see?--the sky is deep
Enough that we can't run aground
Even if we wanted to, though you
Have been in cups again. Oh, how it clouds
Your judgment, cap'n; watch the sails
And breathe as they breathe till the pain is past. 

The shapes flow in, as memories, long since past
Give form to formless--when thinking, think deep.
The winds of reminiscence skirl in sails
Of thoughts wisp-thin; come down, come to the ground!
Get your head out from these rogues of clouds!
They have no anchors--not like me, and you. 

I remember looking into you--
I saw not just a future, but a past
Of wonders, lovers, rains, forgotten clouds--
Take care, you said, when looking, don't look deep.
The greatest treasures wait far underground
They say, but I've no shovel--I have sails. 

It comes, arrives, and goes--gently it sails
Into (like breath) and out (like death) of you.
Against rain's howl and thunder's roar, stand ground;
From gods to skies to you the pain is passed.
Of all gods' wounds, these storms are the least deep;
They bring the rains, and thunders, but leave clouds. 

We share a past, and live on the same ground;
But though my love is deep, and all for you,
Know that my sails are bound for different clouds. 



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