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Masked Scars

At such young age a girl was lost and lonely unable
to speak to anybody. Emotionally she’s dead and 
socially she’s hopeless. Every single moment she 
wished if only the scars was visible for others to notice. 
The truth she hid for so long, at times it took years to 
unfold but there’re some that never got told. Daily she 
cried while at night she wept when everyone slept.

Each breath she pondered if she was a wicked kid since 
she was auctioned for a demon to bid. Many dark night 
she laid in silence in bed with flash backs of the pervert 
tearing off her clothes and like his thought he did; He 
swayed from limb to limb and a Puppet she Was to him. 
She begged for help as blood dripped down her thigh but
No one came by. Tears upon her eyes she set with blood
stained skirt wondering if GOD will heal her hurt.

For each hour went by she felt ashamed but desperately 
wanted her story that awakened the pit of hell to tell
unfortunately her only Friend was cocaine since by everyone
she was betrayed. People called her whore who deserved to 
die cold on the floor. She never had anyone to trust and all 
the boys wanted was her lust. 

The world watched the video tape of her on social network
the rapist made anonymously to sell and get paid. She prayed
for the storm to fade but inside she's  dying of  self-hate. when
the lights are off and the Shade are shut she’s afraid and dismayed. 

Dedicated to all females whom have been raped and never had the
chance to be heard 



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  1. Date: 10/21/2014 5:56:00 PM

    Well captured to reflect this hurt few men dare to write about ...
  1. Date: 10/10/2014 1:42:00 AM

    outstanding piece of piece of writing excellent pen god blessed your pen