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why grow apart when we can easily grow together

Running far and further on. 
Did you expect me to reach your speed? 
Cause your dust has settled 
and it's forming mountains all around me. 
My true love I cannot meet you at your destination. 
I know. I know what you'd say 
but I lost my way. 
I was doing my best to follow you baby.
I promise.
Another forever and always,
I took what I learned and made my own road. 
Alongside yours. 
It got too dark to see you to my left
the day you killed me
and started worshipping your habits.
and the thought of holding hands became impossible 
through the distance.

I only wanted you,
when you left.

Out of sight.
Me and the ghost and the filler became good old friends. 
Now all I have to be proud of is a dead relationship
and wasted conversations.

So I started sleeping on the couch
and you in the bed 
and we never said a thing about it. 
I felt alone like I didn't know you anymore. 
I'm sure you felt the same 
when you would ask me to come back in
and I could not listen.
On and on.
as we never did a thing about it.

But still.
I only wanted you when you left, 
when you shook and scarred the core of my soul. 
I knew all I had to do was crawl in your melancholy blue arms 
to feel that home I so wanted 
instead I chose to rip you apart. 
From the inside out, I cut you all.
The way out. 
All the way baby in the mourning in our night.
I became used
And I became your hated mirror.
And I am so sorry.
That you had to see me that way.
Is all I want you to remember of me.



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