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Written by: Ed Evans  Send Soup Mail    
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Gunny Mad Dog Maddux

Gunny Mad Dog Maddux

We were hanging out at 3rd Marine Air Wing
And we knew we had it good
No bloused boot, always soft cover
No marching and plenty of food.

Then Headquarters in its wisdom
Threw a shark into our pool.
One look at our new Gunny
And we knew this Marine was no fool.

Gunny Mad Dog Maddux was his name
Came to us from the MPs,
But he let us know right off the bat
That he wasn't there to please.

Hair bristle black with white sidewalls,
Tall and straight he stood.
And he said when we thought we couldn't
He knew d**n well that we could.

Said it didn't matter the job
Or what our training stood for
We owed it to ourselves to do
Our best for God, Country and Corps.

But more than that, said Mad Dog
You have a duty to get it right.
Because getting it wrong might mean the life
Of the Marine on your left and your right.

It's been fifty some years and then some
Since Gunny Mad Dog came our way.
But I doubt if any of us
Have ever forgotten that day.

It was right what he taught us then,
And living it has opened many a door.
"You've got a duty to get it right,
Do your best for God, Country and Corps."

So here's a toast to our Gunny Mad Dog
Gone now for many a year and more,
You had a duty, you got it right,
For God, for Country, for Corps.

by E. Marshall Evans



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