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The Good And Bad Side Of Life

The following are examples Of how I look at the good and bad side of life Peace is good... war is extremely bad A thriving economy is good... unemployment is bad Coexisting is good... confrontation is bad Making up after a quarrel is good... refusing to discus the problem is bad Wishing someone to have a great day is good... failing to do so is bad Forgiving someone for a nasty insult is good... holding a grudge is bad Drinking and having a good time is good... driving home under the influence is bad Always being happy is good... always being sad is bad Growing old with grace is good... growing old, ornery and crochety is bad Helping thy neighbour is good... refusing to help a neighbour in need is bad Sharing your good fortune with others is good... hoarding is bad Are you convinced yet? No? Here's more... Hugging and kissing your wifey is good... having an affair with your neighbour's wife is bad Smiling broadly is good... frowning like an ogre is bad Telling loved ones how much you love them is good... forever correcting them is bad Being gracious to everyone you meet is good... being a habitual grouch is bad Honesty is good... deception is bad Thanking a waitress with a smile is good... being condescending is bad Being truthful is good... deceiving people is bad All this advice I'm giving you freely is good... lying to you is bad There... I've said my peace! That's the good and the bad side of life! © Jack Ellison 2014>center>



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