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Leopard's In-Law

Among all beast from the Far East
This leopard is the beast of the east
He is so swift with clappers and claws
Claws that joy in breaking jaws 
In or out of the many land laws
When you see him in a fare hunt he never withdraws
Until he gets his full fair share in the air,
However rare,
Flesh of his hare,
His portion and share

With all strength and broad length
He sets his priority in the dark though bright
Because he needs them right without a slight "fight"
He moves and writes women’s plight
At heart as he suppresses his might 
Watch him on the telly
His steps are welly
As he faces his in-laws with his tail under-the-belly

Do you wonder?
Yes, you ponder and wonder
How this leopard can ever be shy
Of cause it isn't a lie
He never looks up in the sky
As he faces his mother-in-law for a bride!
This leopard needs a ride
He will no longer hide 
But slide and glide
To meet his in-laws
Though slow, to glow and follow 
His bride on the other side
To unhook his bide through good guide
On the other side of the site and sight so wide



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  1. Date: 8/28/2014 3:06:00 PM

    Hi Dennis, your title's got me thinking. I hope you like the in laws. I love your rhyme scheme...Linda