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The Heart of Imagination

The Heart of Imagination So many years ago, cave men began, Though art work on their walls of stone, to show What danced inside their minds; by imaged thought, The heart of their imagination shared. It is the written word that separates Mankind from those of species that are wild. As for the spoken word—not really sure We are the only ones who share that flair. We are aware that dolphins, apes and birds, As well as other animals of earth, Communicate with words of special sounds, The codes of which impossible to know. Imagination must somewhat reside Within their minds as picture images, The sounds they make communicate their thoughts Into the spoken word within their kind. Therefore, the giant leap that separates Mankind from earthly species, large and small— The miracle of written word for sure Creates imagination set in stone. Creates imagination set in stone, Passed on from ancient times, and still today, The spoken word dissolves when it is heard, The written word—forever shared through time— The heart of our imagination bound. Sandra M. Haight Contest: Words-The Heart of Imagination Sponsor: Brian Johnston



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