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Through the wilderness I walk astray 
for I was lost without a way
To head or go without a sign
each day I feel I walk the line 

I have feelings as you do
I care to listen you care too
Share with me I'll share with you
for what I learn I never knew

We're all human please treat me right
regardless of what you hear in sight
For my words I wouldn't twist 
gossip is stories some words are missed 

I'm here on a mission and plan
My voice be heard to every man 
We are all damaged and brokenhearted
did you know life each day restarted

You can fix any mess you make
put your effort in to take
A better look in the mirror
at who you are why your here

Don't think that God's not watching
His eyes don't skip a beat
He mends broken hearts in people
so encourage everyone you meet

Encourage everyone blind or sick 
or lost in full temptation
Show them the way through you're guidance
regardless how severe the situation

Throw away the negativity you carry
for not every man is the same
Everyone learned through things differently
sometimes there are some you can't blame 

Nor look at them different or act
as if you haven't the slightest clue
When you really don't and just pretend
and judge people like others do

I was broken and I was lost
Still I'm strong to fight it on
Through this world that seems like hell
For at every moment life is gone.

Written By:  Joseph Darryl Boca?



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