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wakeup strive

Its morning time
But getting up has no drive
Trying to keep my eyes open
I feel such heaviness

I don't know where it lies
Also am I not sure, of what?
Whether its there
But I feel it

Such heaviness in my eyes
Even the bright light
Shinning through my window
Is not enough to clear it
And I simply turn my back

At night I have set my alarm
Hoping to jump at its sound in the 
But I simply throw my hand at the 
And off it goes

I lift my hand to put off the alarm
But I now feel my body as the 
heaviest thing in the world
That I can't lift from the bed
And out of the sleep that I am not 
fully into

My organs are working
But my muscles can't get to do 
And I feel as though they are tied

All these thoughts and feelings run 
through me
Which shows I am not totally asleep
But I still can't get up

When I finally get up, I think;
How can something as simple as 
sleep be difficult to get out of
No answer
But a wondering mind.



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