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Below are the all-time best Qoheleth Llauderes poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Beast of burden

to pull the load through,
the lashing whip compels me,
not enthusiasm..!

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With hunger comes a somber head

With hunger comes a somber head, 
Thus weakened by the lack of bread; 
The filament of will is thinned, 
The crop is filled with empty wind; 

And time is creeping like a stone, 
An urgent face in pace forlorn; 
And while some goods are left to rot, 
My stomach churns downside to top; 

That by the time the aids arrive, 
I’d have eaten half my own alive; 
Half dead is dragged with clanging bones, 
From mats of flies a dreadful drone; 

And vultures buy time worth the wait, 
The drooling dogs their mouths agape; 
Until the motion goes to rest; 
Upon my carcass hold a feast, 

Fiercer than lion, o meaner than jaws
Sharper than eagle’s raptorial claws
Ripping the heart off the hollow of chest 
Disheveling the rest that they cannot ingest

Racing to sit at the top of the heap
To perch on a sill for a primordial feat 
Greed is the master, hunger the beast; 
Man is the prime yet man is the least…

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Grasses reach neck-high
Or beyond when left to grow...
But one reached the sky

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One can count the stones

One can count the stones
But not the ripples…the
Echoes of one’s conduct

One can grab a sail 
But not the gale…wisdom on
Implements of life

One can admire flame
But cannot touch…an in-
Appropriate desire

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Twin flowers of May

Grasses around them
Stand in ovation, 
Look how they sway
With the wind symphony; 

A rain of applause
Let and enliven, 
In awe of my first
Twin flowers of May.

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An Outburst From 
A downcast heaven, 
I grew sullen 
And many more
Cursed the gloom; 

But they race
To hit the ground, 
Put the thirst to drown, 
And the Flowers
To bloom

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Firm are my feet 
On My ground
While you 
Take wing 
Over yours
But what is 
Between us 
That we as 
One exist? 
I am still
You are fast
Am a point
You are vast
I am fixed
You are free
You are the bird
I am the tree..

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The dawn has chased 
the fogs away,
it thinned into the woods;
A meadow is revealed-
like Eden- 
verdantly endowed...

A young bud tilts
to part its petals',
pure, untainted white;
bathe in a glow
of dew and hue
of morning's golden light