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So I am Here

Ok so now that I am here, what do I do? Do I keep going. Do I fly around. Am I sure I am here. Everything is still the same except that, this, and maybe a little bit of that too but I am sure that is normal with life though. So I am searching for the question to the answer of my first question. Yes I am. So now normalities. What is normal? Blue is normal to us under a bright light, green shines better. Which one is real? Choose one. Let us say both. Both is not an option. Let us opt out. Done. Now if we can opt out of the question, why have'nt you?

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Wow can not believe it

Ok so now poem is written to borrow someone's soul, hopefully it is gold. Now writing this poem to rhyme is the only way to kill some trees and waste some time. Done this for years but it is hard to do when all I got is tears, in my eyes for people like you. Lost and found, mane I see that around town but I didnt know you wore a crown. Mane is said to describe an object or idea that leaves most people speechless, it is a M.E.M.P.H.I.S thing. memphis= Maybe Everything Mourns and Prior Healing Is Seduced. That is cool that is fair some people think we are a pair. I saw naw, all that is done is writings about You. Take it how it is thrown at you

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I Raced with a Comet

Darkness spreads around the room as the lights dim, my friends are here and the room is pitch black. Begin the show. Eyes open preparing for what many call death but its life. This is considered living and not to be mistaken with death. Those new to it will not know how to think what about what just happened. Cold chills and sweat pants are in the seat.  Room still dark and people disappear to a known place only described by the dead. No time is wasted because time never began. As the entities push thru the black matter the after burners kick on and the room brightens. The room is now full. The thought of the friends i had filled the room and was too much to handle time to make a dash. The pressure is intense. I believe my wallet was lost years ago but no use in looking for it now. The chain broke at the same time I needed it to work. Gone. Seemed like forever. I created forever and now we are there. What if you were the person who taken the last key to starting the end of the world?

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The World as it Spins

       Needless to say the world will not stop spinning. Now let us celebrate and be merry or is that only on the holidays? More holidays are needed. I do not want to live the rest of days angry, hoping, waiting and praying for father's day so I can get my tools. Wait am I a father or just a child. It does not matter because the World refuses to stop spinning. Many people move too fast to understand. See clearly and drive safely. Celebrate, go ahead.

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Bring Back your Soul

        I see the problem with the world and it is just as the history books put it, void. There is a rifle, a cellphone, and a .45 caliber pistol, which one should be outlawed? Yes you are right. Two birds with one stone. Now there is a notebook with a pen, a rifle, and a cellphone. Game just got harder. See, hear smell. 
        We all do it, some better than others. Try to see what you smell. Smell what you hear. Hear what they say for a change. Most have never seen the dark because of the light. Daylight is only around for part of the day. Absorb as much as you can. Overdose.

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Did You Win

 Use it against them. Im still in my, I can see the double dream happening. Everyone is happy because they want u to leave them alone. Yout inner soul is your GPS, but again it gets to the point where you want more so you are chasing a high a feeling of no problems and no worrying of anything. Chasing hi= utopia land of good feelings. 
Everyone keeps saying, well i could have, i could have but i didnt do it. Quit talking about it. There is a war in my brain telling me to stop but continue its slow brute war continously fighting. I see from the outside now. This place is a large trap waiting to bring you inside. Night Brings Creature comforts, nice women nice weather, everyone is happy but it is a trap. You are stuck in this world or really not having it but oh so close. Tomorrow or the next day. It will happen, they continue to say but when no results come, it is always you know i could have if i wanted to but i didnt. Walking down an Endless road. Everday feels as if it was groundhog day. Ek is very confused on why Ek has a bruise. OPening a door at the house, fighting another guy,and football are the options. What is really the truth? Are you living a continous ground hog day and memory dump? It is just so weird, I want out or do I? Ek can not keep the words from flowing out of the mouth. Operation is compromised. It was done to make the appearance seem what it is not but it is killings in the long run. I have to stop it from leaking out. As my head reads the screen from left to right, my body becomes glued to the seat and I cant move. Time races and the meter runs up. Concentrating hard as the words begin to flow more and more, time continues to fly and I cant focus anymore. I can still see the sweat rolling down my face. EK turned on the faucet. Words pour out tlike water as people are left to die from thirst. Millions of gallons of water has not leaked out but with time a million will seem like 2 dollars. I am beginning to wonder why I can not move. My feet are submerged, my knees now. I keep reading. The Night Bringing Creature comforts begin to listen harder to Ek and everything that comes out quenches their thirst. Ek is blinded by the bright faces seen. What Ek cant see is the mirror held in front of the Night Bringing Creature comforts. mirrors hide their true identity and reflects something else. The water is up to my chest now. I see I can leave and I do. As I'm outside, I look in to see Ek has ran out of water. He knows. He prays.

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These Eyes

No sure where this is going but Up seems to be the only direction that is highlighted and will be the path. If you you stood next to a tree are you taller than it? Why is it when it rains, the world seems to get chaotic? Fear of being wet? why not fear of being dry? There is no middle so dont choose. Now what do you say to the man below you? Do you help, Do you ignore or do you give him money? All three are the same By giving him money you help him ignore his search. What do you do? What do you ask the man in front of the computer screen that created these words so you can see? Remove your shades? Does he have to because he can you see watching him like you watched the eyes of the man you gave money. You are welcome.

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The Last Forever Minute

 Today a cell phone was used all day and at the end of the day the battery was still full. Normally it is dead whne it is needed the most and now it is needed. What do you say to yourself when you know you have the answers? What is now your purpose in life? Is it to create Forever. If you can touch the stars would you reach for the moon? When the answer is given, it is almost never heard or seen, just clothed. Stop living as if you will die. Souls dont have an expiration date. Yes you have a soul, you might not know it yet.

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Look Back at your YesterLife

       Pick up your groceries while you are still ahead of schedule. Some people can not stand up tall. I do not know why. Live, Life like there is no tomorrow, but i am building my house to live in for tomorrow. Practice makes Perfect and the Game is tomorrow and I do not get off work until tomorrow morning. Answers are what the uneducated seek. Remember to chase your tail, you have to look.

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1st of the Last Men

Naturally is all you have to say
Ay i wake up to get my pay
Tell it through and true
U know i cant go our looking blue
Riding fancy clothes and wearing fast cars
All I have to do is aim for the stars
Lie to me like they lie to you
Looks like your dream has come true
You kneel then pray to see another day

Naturally that would be the last line but the lie i was told cant stop me from writing. It actually makes me write more and i know how it is on the road, coming out of bathrooms stepping on toads. Your life is pure so what is next, answer your phone very important text. Step outside to get some air, hiding from the people you thought you knew but found new friends in an empty room. Tired and breathing with fire from your chest, the door opens and you see that you will always be running from things you ran from in the past. Be a stop sign, posted on all most every street to stop the cars coming your way and when they pass you can resume your day.