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A Friend Like You

A Friend like you makes me smile.                                                                                         A Friend like you I love your style.                                                                                           A Friend like you I'll always keep.                                                                                                 A Friend like you talk so deep                                                                                                  A Friend like you is never board.                                                                                            A Friend like you I thank the Lord.                                                                                          A Friend like you let's me see.                                                                                              A Friend like you I wanna be.                                                                                                Thanks so much for being my friend                                                                                      A person like you will never end.                                                                                                Stay my friend the way you do.                                                                                               Keep it real and keep it true.                                                                                                 I'm glad I found.     A Friend Like U

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Hold my hand and walk with 
me,with you is where I wanna 
be.The Lord has shown me how 
to love,A gift from God from up 
above.Time will tell just wait 
and know,The Lord is here to 
help us grow.God is true and 
never false,He's our 
master,he's our boss.God is 
here and always there,Just look 
up he's everywhere.Thank you 
Lord for blessing me,keep the 
faith he'll set you free.Bless me 
Lord in many ways,To each and 
all Happy Holidays.

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Love is a word that's very strong.                                         
Love can make us all do wrong.                                 
Love is power and that is true,                                    
The things that love will make us do.                       
Love is passion love is greed,                                    
Things with love has a need.                                  
Love can break a person down,                                 
It's a feeling that  comes around.                              
Love is something very deep,                                   
Love can make it hard to sleep.                               
Love can come in many ways,                                   
Love can last for many days.                                    
Love can make you wanna try,                                
Love can also make you cry.                                    
Love can make you smile so much,                       
Love,It has the softest touch.                                    
Love is something we all must feel,                               
It is not a game Love is real.

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Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart and take it 
Know your path before you go.                                        
Search and feel before you see.                               
The place you're going and 
wanna be.                     Keep 
your mind on the prize.                                                    
Don't stop looking at bright 
blue skyz.                     Open 
your mind for brand new 
things.                      Follow 
the sound as freedom rings.                           
Close the doors that's pulling 
you down                     Watch 
the joy that comes around                             
Live the life that takes you far.                                 
Stay the same the way you are.                               
Keep a smile upon your face.                                 
Here or there or any place.                                     
Close your eyes before you 
start.                              Time 
will tell follow your heart

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A Queen

A queen is you,just for me,A queen is u I know I 
see.A queen is you I wanna love,A queen is 
you,From up above.A queen is you I love your 
smile,A queen is you,I like your style.A queen is 
you who holds my heart,A queen is you right from 
the start.A queen is you wh o makes my day, A 
queen is you in every way.