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I'm amazed at the sun Shining brightly on high I'm amazed at the flowers The bright butterflies I'm amazed at the mornings With the coo of the dove I'm amazed at the charm And the power of love It transcends all the beauty This world has to give It's what makes us all whole A reason to live To bask in the warmth Of that feeling divine A feeling unrivalled Of true love undying All the great poets From Shelley to Keats Have tried to describe it How it makes us complete What a terribly sad place This earth would be Without someone special To share what we see I'm amazed at the mountains Majestic and tall I'm amazed at the love That we share most of all © Jack Ellison 2012

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Crazy Thoughts No 1

Why do they call it 'tourist season'
If you're not allowed to shoot 'em
Seems like a great opportunity
To end the over crowding problem

If a house fly loses both of its wings
Would we have to call them 'walks'
Is it possible to have a civil war
Of course not that's just silly talk

Any idea what the best thing was
That came before sliced bread
If a turtle somehow loses its shell
Is it homeless, naked, or dead

I find this saying quite unnerving
“Practice” is what doctors do
And braille on drive-through windows
Find that kinda scary don't you

If a parsley farmer ever gets sued
Can they legally garnish his wages
Well that's enough of this silly talk
At times I go through these phases

© Jack Ellison 2012

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My Deepest Feelings

(Dedicated to those who have found true love for the very first time) Written a ton of poems Many of them silly, many about love Have decades of experience But the love I'm feeling now Surpasses any I have ever experienced before In my whole entire life Free of encumbrances or prejudices Finally able to just let the love flow And where it stops, is where it stops My heart explodes with excitement The thought that after all these many years I have finally found the one That special someone with the heart of an angel The soul of the most precious being I have ever had the exquisite pleasure to know I call her my love, my absolute treasure I'm on top of love's mountain Way up high feeling the fresh waves of love Engulf me with a rapture sublime Writing poetry brings out my deepest feelings Feelings I have never ever felt before Even after all these many years I am still learning how to love © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Secretary Of Our Soul

What inspires us to write heart felt poetry To divulge our innermost feelings It's certainly not to gain fame or fortune Ever heard of a millionaire poet Those two words are never uttered In the very same breath It's a proven fact poets don't write poetry With the view of earning a fortune Poets write poetry to satisfy an inner need To create, to inspire, to motivate That tug at the heartstrings That bring sunshine to dullest of days That express every day feelings In a most poetic way We know when the words just fall into place That something special is about to happen We don't need to wrack our brains Our innermost being writes the words We just dutifully record them And sign our name at the bottom We are the secretary of our soul © Jack Ellison 2014

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A Zulu Warrior

Do you sometimes see a Zulu Warrior Staring back from the mirror in the morning! A nasty fierce looking bad tempered dude Obscenities flying out without warning Crabbing bout having to make a living But enjoying all the many accoutrements If it wasn't that, it'd be something else People just love to complain and vent A shower and shave, you're almost human Not one person will ever suspect That a member of the Zulu Warriors tribe Was a coworker of great respect Do you sometimes see a Zulu Warrior Staring back from the mirror in the morning! © Jack Ellison 2012

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What Matters Most

I'm not in competition with anyone I have no wish to play the game Or of being better than anyone I am just trying to be better Than the person I was yesterday If I can accomplish that goal My life has been a great success Fame and fortune are fleeting What's important when your time is up Is the kind of person your were Not the dollars in your bank account But how many lives you affected In a positive manner How many people you made smile With those silly bits of nonsense Those moments are worth All the wealth one can garner In a whole entire lifetime When that final day arrives You'll be remembered for your humility Your kindness and your positive nature In a world that needs it oh so badly No one is beyond reproach But I sincerely hope I'll be remembered As a caring loving person Who enjoyed my life to the fullest © Jack Ellison 2014

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Your Crotch And You

As crotches go, mine is up there with the best I would even classify it as exceptional One would think it all comes down to size But size is only part of the equation Of course size is a very major consideration But as important is it's appearance of strength I think you know what I'm getting at The forward thrusting motion is a major factor In fact, probably if I had to decide THE most important attribute is a strong forward thrust And equally important is the quick recoil In fact, I have just published a book on the subject It's called, “Your Crotch And You” An in-depth study to help you to understand This most precious part of your anatomy For only $19.99 U.S. including shipping This important self-help book can be yours We don't offer a money back guarantee But will come to your home if you provide travel expenses To answer any questions you might have And also assist you physically if that is required It is a limited time offer so DON'T DELAY! Dedicated to my dear cyber sister, Jan © Jack Ellison 2014

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The True Meaning Of Life

In the overall scheme of things What matters most in life It's the love of another human being The total commitment between two hearts That indescribable connection When you recognize that someone is oh so very special Of all the people we rub elbows with During our too short a time on earth One who stands out head and shoulders above the rest One to share our most intimate dreams with Almost as if we two are one When we meet that person The fire between the two of us rages The signs are unmistakable They totally consumes us To the point where nothing else seems important Only the deep love of another soul To know this love is to know the true meaning of life © Jack Ellison 2014

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An Ode To Pink Poop

Imagine if our poop was a pretty pink Or smelled like a dozen red roses Beautiful music was heard when we tooted There'd be no need for holding noses We'd relish the thought of soiling our whites To show off a new shade of pink And proud to fart Ludwig's Fifth Symphony While sitting on the throne by the sink It can possibly be construed as a bit unusual To be writing a poem about poop But pink poop deserves special recognition So let's all just let out a big whoop! Imagine if our poop was a pretty pink And smelled to high heaven of roses We'd be so proud of our load of pink magic There'd be no need for holding noses © Jack Ellison 2013

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We've always been obsessed with hair Ponytails or long and flowing Medusa's hair would turn you to stone If you gazed on it, no joking In the 60s a Broadway hit called “Hair” With its popular anthem “Aquarius” Prompted a new age of sexual revolution Some of the sights were hilarious What's the attraction I don't understand Seems kinda primitive to me Being obsessed with this body adornment It's kinda pagan wouldn't you agree Imagine if we had the same obsession With some other interesting parts How about plump and rhythmic derrieres Call it “Bums” with the hit song “Farts” Sorry I got totally lost in my thoughts Such a silly billy I am So back to poetry about social issues To prove I can be serious, I can © Jack Ellison 2012