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All man well almost

My suntan comes from a bottle
My hair from a wig maker in Peru
My legs are very hairy
I have to put my teeth in to chew
I have had plastic surgery
And a nip and tuck
And I'm soon to have my nose done
With a bit of luck
My lips are bigger than Mick Jagger's
And I have that wind tunnel look
And I'm quite a catch by anybodies book

But I'm all man
Well almost
But I do what I can
I do have a six pack
But keep it in the cooler
Yes I'm quite a man
I measured it with a ruler.

So come on ladies grab me while you can
When I've got my teeth in and wig up on my head
They say I look like George Clooney
But then I look in the mirror
And I think they meant Mickey Rooney.

Ar well can't have everything
But my heart is loving and true
I may not be organic no more
With all the plastic surgery
But there's much more than that to me.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. July.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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Gina the toilet cleaner

They call her big Gina
You'd know if you seen her
She is a toilet cleaner
She wears a white smock
Armed with bucket and a mop
She likes to keep things clean
And is a real scrubber
If you know what I mean
She whistles as she goes
With disinfectant wafting under her nose
She replaces toilet rolls
And cleans the toilet bowls
She really loves her job
She has a cat called Doris
And a husband called Bob
Her job is dirty and often smelly
She has a tattoo of a toilet on her belly
At the end of the day
She puts her mop and bucket away
Goes home and has a shower
Then cleans the house within half an hour
Her husband makes her mad
Leaving the toilet seat up
She puts toilet water in his cup
Of tea to sup
She has a daughter called Pru
She dreams of being a toilet cleaner too
She doesn't care about the smell of poo
Just her dream comes true
We should all appreciate toilet cleaners
Just like big Gina.

''Warning! Toilet water in tea. please do not try at home.
 could be dangerous and doesn't taste nice''.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Aug.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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A Room Full of Butterflies

Inspired by a Art gallery and a poem by Shelly.

A room full of  mottled multicolored butterflies
captured within a creative space
of artful design
to inspire and aspire
Flirt and flutter a delicate ballet
among the pot plants
A splash of color
an oasis
among a drab row of urban gray
The door is opened
and the butterflies are released to freedom
flying high above
lush green trees
in clear unblemished skies
floating like autumn fallen leaves
in a gentle breeze
painted Ladies
that rested on my heart for a while
and made it smile
bringing pleasure to my eye
A symbol of freedom and eternity
filling my dreams
with all the treasures of summer.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Sept.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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A kiss to last Forever

If it be my wish
I'd endeavour
to maketh this heavenly 
hunger satisfying kiss
to last forever.

Her welcoming warm arms
to provide sanctuary and safety
that soothes the inner child
I Lose myself in her soft caress
and harbour my heart and soul
She is the sculptress
and I the thing she moulds.

Her tender love to be liken a flowing 
calming river
that flows with such invigorating emotion
deep inside of me
Her fragrance  as sweet as the honeysuckle
that attracts the flirtatious honey bee.

One love one heart one dream
one flesh until we meet see our final sunset
and take
our last breaths
and rest together
on some grassy land
after our mortal  death,

Peter Dome, copyright.2014. Jan.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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Beautiful Girl Yearning Heart

I awoke one cheery summer morn
and watched the gentle breeze waft the fields of ripening corn
At once I saw the peasant girl off the common
through the branches of white cherry blossom
hurry along the cinder path up yonder hill
to labour long day at the woollen mill.

As pretty as a blessed angel
as sweet as honey from a bee
I an admirer from afar who hast never noticed me.

And in my lonely velvet covered poster bed
In placental home I idle the hours away
so wrapped up in warm repose
I dream about her every night and day.

How I long to stroke her long hair
and nuzzle my weary head at her
heaving bustling breast
and breath in her  ripening alluring womeness.

By the old coach house inn
a field of purple heady lavender grows
a place where the butterflies flirt and dance
and on a star filled moonlit night
has seen many hastened romance
How I long to lay her down
and hold her in my gentle loving hands
and to the nightingales tune
explore the surface of soft ivory
illuminated by the moon..

I left a silver heart shaped locket
and a note wrapped in a posy
upon the path for her to find
I watched as she bent down
to pick it up and looked around
hiding behind the shuttered window blinds.

But she be only a lowly peasant girl
and I a man of nobility
it breaks my love struck  heart to know
our love can never be.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Jan.


Copyright © Peter Dome

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I'm not nosey but

I've never been one to nosey but
Looking through my net curtains
I just happened to have a pair of binoculars in my hand
I'm a curious kinda man
Ooh you wouldn't believe the things I've seen
Not being a gossip of course
It's so posh around here the mail is personally
Delivered by the Queen
And across my vast sprawling country estate
Someone's skinny dipping in my lake
I think I'll choose a masserati today
And wave at the peasants on my way.

There goes Dietrich on her penny farthing
Listening to some Hank Marvin
Toqyen is drunk again
Casarah is walking her lama
Tim has just worked out at the gym
And Jan is looking nice and Trim
Peter and Vera 
are in the garden
Singing Shakira
Poet destroyer is cutting the grass
Ooh she has a lovely fast
Mower that lass.

There goes Mary Jo on her pogo stick
She doesn't look too well hope she's not sick
Over there prince Harry is having a party again
A fancy dress
And he's dressed as hen
Well folks Think I'll get in my hot tub full of champagne
And wait until tomorrow
When I can spy again.

Peter Dome. copyright. 2014. Sept.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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Mind Pollution

Mind pollution
The manipulation and control of the masses 
Is a world government agenda and constitution
Throughout time.

Newer technology and the information computer revolution
Are powerful weapons to spread evil deeds and even more pollution
The slave masters crack the whip the rich get richer
The poor poorer powerless aboard a sinking ship.

Out of manufactured chaos
Comes apathy and fear
Making nations easier to control
And sell their souls sometimes unwaveringly
Blind to the powers that be commands.

Propaganda to gain support for wars
Bank crashes like never before
To take our money
And make rhe rich richer
Than before
Government leaks and lies spread to cause hate
And justify what the powers that be create.

Puppets on strings controlled by the powerful who lurk in the shadows
The real rulers of the world never seen
Ruthless greedy evil and mean.

For those not blind with open mind
The jigsaw puzzle slowly fits together
Piece by piece and the bigger picture is released
The truth they'll never be peace
The snares are their so take care
Open your eyes free your mind so you can see
World manipulation and subliminal brainwashing in your own home
Through the media and TV.

So many good people in the spotlight have tried to warn us before
And tried to revile the truth and the secrets
But were silenced and found dead on the floor.

Peter Dome.copyright.2015. June.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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Stupid questions

It never seems to amaze me
How stupid some people are
Whenever I am out
And take along my guitar.

''Is it a guitar'' people say
''No an ironing board''
I reply with dismay.

''Can you play it?''
''No I just carry it about for fun''
Even though it's a heavy one.

''Are they your dogs''
When out in town
''No'' I reply
''their someone else's
And I'm taking them back to get the ransomed money honey.''
After a while i's an annoyance and not that funny.

Peter Dome.copyright.2015. Oct.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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True Love Ways

True love is
Getting up early every morning in the freezing cold
To go to work to provide 
For the kids and the love
Who was sleeping by your side.

True love is
Is not only doing things we like
But doing things we don't like too
Because you want to please
The person who married you.

True love is
Having a sense of humour
And together
Making the most of living.

True love is
Putting up with your lovers faults
While reflecting on your own
Finding time for each other
To show appreciation
And spend sometime alone.

True love is
Looking after your love when they are ill
And nursing them back to health
Giving them lots of hugs to say I love you 
And everything's ok
Providing a shoulder to cry on
And a listening ear
To hear what they say.

True love is
Is going through excruciating labour pain
Watling for someone in the pouring rain
Thinking about the other
And not just yourself
Making the most of what you got
And realising it's wealth.

True love is
Showing appreciation not just for the big things
But the little things too
And noticing the difference they do.

True love is
Saying your sorry and letting sleeping dogs lie
And keeping the love shine in your eyes
Coming home with or flowers
Giving them a surprise,

True love is
Seeing beauty in things others can not see
And supporting each other to be all they can be
Recognising and respecting your partner may need some space
And time alone
Or be with friends and talk on the telephone.

True love is
Being spontaneous inventive and a surprise
And never mundane and boring
To keep love happy and alive
Why should courting ever end.

True love
Can be hard work and things don't always go to plan
Realising no one is perfect
And trying to understand
Making your partner feel special
Respected and feel cared for
And the only one for ever more.

True love is
Your love is your best friend
Laying the foundations to build upon and grow
And still loving your partner warts and all when old
Seeing past the wrinkles.

True love is
Creating cherished memories
And storing them in the album of the heart
And missing each other when apart.

True love is
Compatibility and a strong bond
And wanting to learn how to please and get on
Doing things together
Together being strong and one.

True love is 
Sacrifice doing things that aren't always nice
Sharing the same dreams
Lost together in paradise.

True love is
Being made for each other
Honest true and pure
And expressing your love behind the bedroom door.

Peter Dome.Copyright.2015. June.

Copyright © Peter Dome

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How we choose to live our life
And treat others 
Good or bad
Happy or sad
All boils down to

For attitude is important
If you want to get on in life
You'll never please everyone
This is true
But a good positive attitude
May get you through
Life's varying terrain.

In some public places and while shopping
I often find assistants unfriendly and crude 
Having such a bad attitude
Can affect our mood
It amazes me how some make a living by
Scowling not smiling looking so miserable
And not friendly and giving.

While others are so warm their attitude is good
It's a real shame
Everyone's attitude is not the same
But a the world becomes a much colder place
Bad attitude to everything shows it's ugly face
For to me
Attitude s everything.

Peter Dome.Copyright.2015.May.

Copyright © Peter Dome