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Best Barbara Gorelick Poems

Below are the all-time best Barbara Gorelick poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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I Am A 4

President Barack Obama
Credited for getting Osama
Now along comes Isis
"Lord help me, another crisis!"

path - 12/1

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A Special Needs Hero

Young and pretty, living a normal life
Suddenly her world would never be the same
Her lovely boy born with special needs
Her daily life now the toughest of games

She carries on with her head held high
Having a career, still being his mother
Constantly dealing with medical issues
Yet she would not change him for another

Nurses and doctors fill her daily life
Fighting for the services that he needs
Never one complaint does she voice
Knowing not where his path will lead

A special soul; accepting the hand dealt 
My admiration for this woman so deeply felt…..

I am privileged to be one of his nurses...I have never seen a stronger
more dedicated mother..

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White Lace

Winter cloaked in the whitest lace
Spreads its folds across the land
Transforming the earth's tired face
In beauty she makes her quiet stand

For those who weep for summer lost
And long for days of idle breath
Those days come at winter's cost 
She sings the songs of living death

For naught we argue with the wind
And rail at ice that will not weep
Hoping these days will soon rescind
And her buried promises  keep

Winter dances with solemn grace
Dressed in her white gown of lace

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I Am

I am one speck in the vast sands of the earth
One voice, one heart, one tongue that speaks
                 One cry in the wilderness.....

I am many things to many people..
I am daughter, sister, mother and friend
                 Lover and supplicant ...

I am all the faces of human kind
I am strong, weak, peaceful and angry
                I am man at his best and worst..

I am few in numbers if truth be told
I am a vessel from which words are poured
                I am a poet......

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Winter Colors

Winter Brown Barren branches waiting So proud of their naked silhouettes Winter Gray The clouds sit on your head Heavy with tomorrow's promises Winter White A virgin velvet gown Worn with the confidence of ages Winter Blue Crystal morning dew drops Transforming the harsh to heavenly
Barbara Gorelick 10/28/14 Some Form Of Crystalline contest

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Underneath the exterior Gardenias bloom unannounced Lamenting that no one lifts the veil Yearning to be seen...

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The Piano Speaks

Like shining jewels tossed into the air
Each note rings out with brilliant  voice
Gifted fingers flying on ivory wings
This magic that makes my heart rejoice

Music that rocks me on gentle waves
Or ride where raging fires have been
Coloring the prisms that are my tears
The piano- evoking emotions from within

For Kristin's contest - "Soul Tunes"

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The Joy of Mother's Love

It begins with the joy of giving birth
Continues even after the moment of death
Life, like the scope of all man's music
Opening and closing passages of love
Messages sung and carried on the wind
Written in the deepest part of the heart

That palpable place we call the heart
Emotion long before the first cry at birth
Scent of beginnings carried on the wind
Unable to imagine  the notion of death
For her baby, mother's unconditional  love
The crooning sound of  her sweet music

The years pass, so changes the music
But not the forever melody in her heart
Children grow and so does her love
A bit different than the day of birth
But constant and hopeful until  death
As  perennial as blows the winter wind

A young man's story is written on the wind
With pen in hand he writes his own music
With hardly a thought of the canvas of death
But tucked away in the corners of his heart
The certainty known from the moment of birth
That in her life he would always find love

Still his mother's eyes are filled with love
Vision dim with age , acknowledging time in the wind
The spring will bring again the miracle of birth
The lambs in the fields will make their music
The joy of rebirth will fill the simplest heart
Beauty will reign even in winter's death

Facing now the certainty of her coming death
He looks at his child with a new depth of love
Knowing with certainty that breaks his heart
Letting his tears be dried by the gentle wind
Believing he will still know the joy of her music
Hoping that in death will come a new birth

Garner strength in your heart to face death
Remembering from birth a life full of the joy of love
And as the wind of time blows, hear the music

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Pretty Patty

Pretty Patty was a penny pincher of the worst kind
She saved every single cent that she could find
She carefully cut out coupons ,counting every one
A bit bizarre but buying butter cheaper, oh what fun!
Fashion forward not, wore second hand store stuff
But our  ditzy darling was a diamond in the rough
She started scrimping and saving solely for a reason
Her main mission was gladly giving gifts of the season
To those who were woefully without she gladly gave
With this joyful gesture a child's Christmas she might save 


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Winter Footprints

I stopped just once to look back..
And saw my tracks across the snow.
Steps upon that pure white blanket,
Wishing I’d found another way to go.

Already though, in gentle downy flakes,
Nature began to fill those intruding marks.
And return the gentle winter splendor
To that serene and lovely woodland park.

The sun was sinking to its rest,
Leaving its sparkle on the forest floor.
I smiled and turned for home again…
My tired heart at peace once more

Inspired by Robert Frost