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Angel Baby

Misplaced inside my tube,
 is where you grew but did not fit.
No longer.could you be inside ,of me :(
But always.and forever my Angel Baby.

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Heart of the Sea

Crashing of the waves 
Slamming against each other,
As the moon lights up the darkness 
In the distance.
Your thoughts are carried away 
Into the Heart of the Sea.
Secrets to be held
Only to be found if searched for.
Lying across the ocean floor 
Like treasures and sadness bound together.

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The Ocean is like a herd of  bulls coming this way.
They run and don't stop, as they pass and never look

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Stars shining brightly in the night sky.
Sweaty palms and butterflies.
 Deep in silent thoughts, while our
lips meet.
 So close in touch I can feel his 
 Slowly pulling me in with every 
breath we take.
 Holding me in his arms as I begin to 
 Gently laying me down in the summers
 Taking our time, making this moment 
 Our bodies intertwined like the twisting of a rope,
his hands firmly grasping my hair.
 Looking into each others eyes as we passionately 
make love in the warm night air.

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Eternal Breath

I am lost without you
My cries longing for your touch.
I scream in anger "I Need You!"
Why did you have to go?
My heart is broken, like shattered glass 
into a million pieces.
 I lay in agony on the floor.
Can't eat or sleep, time stands still.
Waiting but knowing you will never come
back to me.
Pictures scattered with tear drop stains.
Nothing can seem to heal my pain but time. 
Until I take my dying breath your memories
I will keep.

Lisa Gomez

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I look through my window, 
as the leaves begin to fall down.
While heading outside to feel the cool breeze on my face,
I can smell the pumpkin spices from the kitchen.
Anticipating the nights to come, 
while warming up next to the bonfires.
The excitment takes over as I am overjoyed 
my favorite season is here.

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missed connection

I often wonder why we have crossed paths 
in our lives.
More often than once, yet we still seem to never
We live in the moment believing we are gonna be
Something still seems to pull us apart.
Is it faith that God has let us come in and out if each 
others lives, or is it that secret bond we long to 
connect for.
We may never know, always wondering if our paths will
cross again.
If so will this time be what we longed for or just another 
memory to add to our past. 
I guess only time will tell.

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unspoken thoughts

Will I wakeup from this pain,
will this be my last breath?
As I close my eyes the light 
begins to fade into darkness
and my failures flash before me.
As I lay in agony and sadness,
were you even aware of my shattered heart?
Or were you just to blind to notice what was 
staring you in the face the whole time?
Will the guilt of not speaking up or 
not being there when I needed you the most
come rushing over you when you realize I am no longer 

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Mean Monster

As night falls on the blue house in a small town.
A little girl looks out the window with the saddest frown.
She knows whats coming home soon, the Mean Monster
of the night.
She quickly runs to her room and hides out of sight.
Tightly holding on to her teddy bear.
The Mean Monster brought her constant fear.
He prowled on the innocence of his daughter.
Nobody could believe the Mean Monster was her father.
God answered her prays and took him away.
Never to be heard from again the Mean Monster disappeared 
forever that day.

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Country life

Hill life, country side
Riding horses, redneck bride
Overalls and camouflage theme.
That's the new party scene.
Tobacco chewing and sipping on 
some moonshine
Come on to the country for a good ol'