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A howling wind shaking trees, 
            Moving mountainous clouds 
To earth the ancient limb falls 
            Smashing its crusty skin 
So tender the flesh beneath 
            Bleeding tears to the ground 
As thick grey skies crack open  
            Revealing golden rays 
The path of discovery 
            Bearing new beginnings

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A Fork In The Road

I am lost in a tangled wood Reaching for a rope like thread Two fingers balancing One, two, three…. Like ballerina legs Gliding along the tendril floor Inching forward, halted By a knotty carrefour The dense foliage Throwing shadows around the cracks Guiding God’s fingers Illuminating the furcate tracks A judgment, God or Heart… Trust or regret… One path forward One path back

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Haiku 1

feathers uncurl first leap invisible trust

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Emerging From Between The Lines

emerging from between the lines
the human being furtively 
discovers his inner most thought
otherwise left deeply buried

circumstances designate man
emerging from between the lines
as instead he would be at loss
amongst the lyrical scribing

a purging of thought and feelings
expressed by entwining tendrils
emerging from between the lines
a cleared path towards a moment

of fleeting happiness, the white
to the black of the words written
by a simple man now poet
emerging from between the lines 

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A Man's Point of View

A Man's Point of View

Oh woman you exist 
To feed my soul
And nourish my heart
With your full embrace

I savour the taste
Of your strawberry lips
And inhale the aroma
From your creamy skin

Oh woman you exist
To feed my eyes
And nourish my mind
With your pure wisdom

Without you my existence 
Would be cold and raw
A meal much lacking
In a full, satisfying flavour

Oh woman you exist
To feed my passion
And nourish my body
With your sweet essence

I drink deeply from the cup
You fill each day 
With your sultry smile
And sparkling eyes

Oh woman you exist
To feed my desire
And nourish my thought
With your feasts of fancy

With steady hands
You stir my spirit
And raise me up
To higher peaks

Oh woman you exist
To feed my inner child
And nourish my aching limbs
With your tender touch

My hungry thoughts
Return each night
Satiated by the warmth
Of your velvet skin

Oh woman you exist
To feed my life
And nourish my senses
With your presence

I exist to savour
All that is you

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The Pale Balloon

I float effortlessly alongside you
Tied by a silken string
To an outstretched hand

Once buoyant, light and full of hope
My exterior begins to shrink
Around my deflating soul

My pale skin once shiny and taught
Now loose and greying
Drifting slowly to the floor

The silken thread released
Loosely falling behind
With my sagging soul to the ground

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My Paramour

There is always a light, sometimes a tiny glimmer expanding 
Amongst the darkest forest as a fiery wheel of hope and desire 
It measures the life of many years of tasting moments so far and few 
The first full bite filled with momentous prurience leaving a tender 
Taste reminiscent of briny afternoons and glistening bodies 
On a hot summer afternoon at the edge of a water hole 
Tender hands gliding up and down smooth skin dispersing 
Guiding rivulets amongst the valleys and dell a secret hollow 
Too far a reach; for the adventurer has love in his heart not lust 
And as moons and suns are born and reborn the water recedes 
Forests are felled, but one strong sapling a nexus between 
The moments to bring forth the final moment the momentous moment 
The nexus by no means a linear thing, time curving as if blown 
By a wind filled with sounds of ghosts and angels, gently abrading 
What seems like mountains into stones, into dust, into a gentle breeze 
Drying tears, reviving a hermit heart, filling lungs with perfumed air 
My paramour, no more a paramour but so much more, so much more

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struggling to breathe
the choking hold on my chest
your  hard words like bricks
bury me deeper
bearing the weight of your love
until I’m breath less

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Bound by a steel forged chain
The more he struggled the stronger it became
Handcuffed with tenuous desire 
A self-fulfilling mind needing to be lifted higher

Through the darkness he must chart
A path guided by the sound of a beating heart
Each step, each breath, each thought
Fuelling the fire, the hands that forge the sword

A weapon so strong yet quiescent
In the hands of the man whose mind is present
Brought down upon the bracing hindrance
Will lead him upon a path of least resistance

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One Last Hit

Purging, surging, my body heaves
Flaying, slaying imaginary dragons
Swarming beasties inside my pores
Those nasty little invaders, 
Those horrid thieves
Have infested my frail body
The one my nemesis abhors 

Lurking, smirking the dark one hovers
Smiling, beguiling he offers up angels
Soothing hungry desperation
Those soft enticing creatures
Those sweet lovers
Are surging through my aching veins
Offering me brief salvation

Quivering, shivering I emerge 
Bleeding, pleading for just a little more
Cravenness creatures howling echoes
The whimpering of my soul
The final dirge
My spirit joins that of angels
I leave my body to the crows