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Green leaves of mango tree

 Green tiny leaves of mango tree, 
 Dancing outside caressed by the wind,
 Gleaming and beaming bathed by the rain,
 Allowing my heart to be inspired and gain.

 I think about having to be in your world,
 Even if it takes only a minute from my world,
 To forget some sadness and ease that pain,
 In my heart who has been a fool again.

 Why is my heart still in love with him?
 Even though I know his world doesn't come to me,
 Only in my dreams I could be on my own,
 Pretending he loves me and we're flying to the moon.

 Green leaves of mango tree bathed by the rain,
 Tell me how can i ease this pain.

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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It's the first day of summer,
    When we sit on the fresh green grass,
    When the sun rays bring us warmth,
    When our visions reflect the blue sky above,
    When the fragrance of flowers linger in our heart
    When our laughter was a tune in the air...

 And it's the end of summer,
    When you sit me on a crushed flower,
    When the rays of sun become faint,
    When our vision can see the dark sky,
    When you let the rain kiss my cheek,
    And the silence is the only thing we can hear....

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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Pick Pocket Heart

I want to gather some sweet flower:
Sweet sweet blossoms of flowers,
Inside my red red pick pocket heart.

Hoping you're still be there,
Waiting to ask me to be your mine.

But I've found something different,
Something that makes me bite my lips,
The only thing I'd no longer expect,
Because of the crazy things that I held.

Though I know it will sounds funny,
To say something you've always telling,

Even if I cried in bitting my lips,
I tell you something, I've found special.
Its you here in my red red pick pocket heart.

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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My Pussy cat

 That orange colored pussy cat,
 Standing in my velvet hat,

 Yearning to give him foods to eat,
 Specially fish that fried in deep.

 I handed him some red cooked meat,
 And poured some milk to give him drink,

 My little pussycat would be likely to eat,
 And happily I know to those things I gave.

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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If I ask you to love me

If I ask you to love me,
Would you still smile for me?
Or perhaps you already want to hide,
Because our friendship will already apart.

Don't blame me, if I am telling this,
I didn't plan to let my heart to be now it is,
I don't seek words from you to be bind,
By colorful hue like the rainbow as sign.

If I'm asking you to love me,
I am not commanding you to please me,
I'm just telling why do I feel like this,
And not expecting to be your miss.

Maybe, I'll be sad, if you don't want to see,
At least you already know, this I keep inside in me.

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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In the woodland

Echoes were sung beneath the leaves of every tree,
Like chimes that dance and blend with the wind,
Glowing spring flowers comforted me with their scent,
Taking my visions in their gleaming skin.

Fireflies surround me, and warms my cheeks,
Leading me to leap into their wings,which lift.
Now I have much freedom to fly so high,
Beside the crimson moon, beaming in the sky.

Sparkling embers, bewitch my eyes,
Wanting to reach them, and kiss with my heart,
Those fireflies softly plunge me, in a gem with silk,
I saw a beautiful fairy, and she gave me a wish.

June 25,2013

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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Changing Sky

The sparkling rays of sun becomes faint,

A cold breeze of air envelopes me

when the vast blue sky evanescence,

And the dark clouds slowly emerge,

Then clouds begins to weep...

category: nature

Copyright © Jelina Rhian

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Red Sun

Glows softly behind those clouds,
Light rays touch everyone's heart,
A new fresh morning it brings,
Created by God..

June 27,2013
Russell Sivey Red Sun
Member Contest

Copyright © Jelina Rhian