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Oodles of Joy

"Oodles of Joy"
In the morning of everyday i 
I make a food that's really 
Crunch'em, rip'em, and pour'em out 
As saliva pools form in my 
Put it in the mic for just about 
Impatiently  watching those 
beautiful noodles waiting for 
When the time Is up
I Pop it open and take them out 
And start shoving "Oodle's of 
Noodles" into my mouth. 
Khalil Wali

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My Friend, Kirk Milone

Juicy Pineapples is his favorite 
That's why bright optimism 
runs deep within his roots .

He is long tan and handsome. 
Always expressing a unique 
personality that's awesome. 

You can find him working hard 
at Target or Starbucks. 
But to all the single women out 
there he is taken so it sucks!

He is a great friend and always 
wears his "Diamond" hat facing 
to the back. 
And I'm glad we met and I 
hope he stays black!!

Khalil Franklin   

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Plump Love

Your plump love I can't wait to 
It's decadent.. And always, 
lustfully waiting for me 
Hug me and hold me close 
against your bodacious body. 
Big and round. That's why I call 
you my hotty 
It is your Your plump love I 
can't wait to see
When you arrive home tonight 
I'll be waiting, 
with a ring, 
patiently on one knee. 

Khalil Wali

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Yelp Yelp I Need Help

Yelp yelp I need help!
Where do I go?
Who do I turn to!

Yelp yelp I need help! 
Why me though? 
Who do I yearn too?

Yelp yelp I need help!
How do I go about it?
Why is it good to learn? 

Yelp yelp I need help!
Can you hear me?
Do you feel thee? 

I guess not?
My self assistance, is that all 
Yelp yelp its my only help!

Khalil Wali

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Confused Key

It seems life just gets harder. 
But through overcoming obstacles 
The mind gets stronger.

That's what many explain to me. 
I seem to recognize the concept and posses this key

I feel it gets misplaced most of the time 
Maybe it will imprint soon 
So I can distance myself from crime

Alone and confused was the I've taken,
Education is my only tool, but many say I'm mistaken

I want this search to be over 
Be grown 
and not confused 
With all the answers and no surprises 

But life only gets harder 
To maintain, 
is the higher power  

I've conquered much.

The highest power is recognition. 
Be different with strong ambition. 

Now, Ive found my key to focusing 
And its effect is brightening 

Khalil Wali Franklin   

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I'm Alright

"I'm alright society.."
I used to believe in the boogie 
man and the tooth ferry.
I laughed happily and curiosity 
filled me merrily, 
That was once upon a time 
My out looked has now 
And I'm starting to wonder 
Stressed, depressed, and 
obligated to the current fashion
Be unhappily focused on 
societies current passion.
Lifted to life of corruption and 
wealth but an unhappy-captain 
Beginning to loose sight of 
what's important 
Wondering how it all happened?
Ill Live in the moment
But, never let the future past 
Societies ways has it perks, 
But there's nothing better than 
slamming your fist against your 
"I'm alright.."

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Feeling down and out.

A close friend felt it and immediately 
reached out.

Knowing my optimism is still inside 

Enlightening me, was her goal, 
toward my true reality.

Never gave up, and called to check 

Open with optimism was my only 

Way Beyond what I expected, I 
respect you all the way! 

So, fake? 
Never a trait she has reflected.  

Khalil Wali